Does Rolex Accept Bitcoin? Rolex Payment Options

The answer is no; Rolex does not accept Bitcoin.

Marianna du Maurier
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Rolex is not a direct-to-consumer company, and it owns no retail stores except for one exception. When you buy a Rolex from an official Rolex retailer, you buy it from an independently owned official Rolex retailer that sells Rolex watches under a retailer agreement with Rolex. Therefore, the answer is no; Rolex does not accept Bitcoin. However, when it comes to buying a Rolex with Bitcoin from a Rolex-authorized retailer, it’s a different story.

Does Rolex accept Bitcoin?

At the moment, no official Rolex retailer around the world actively promotes that they accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot buy a Rolex with Bitcoin. Secondhand watch dealers and non-official Rolex retailers tend to be more modern, technological, and innovative than official Rolex retailers. They are more likely to accept Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies as payment. Therefore, to buy a Rolex with Bitcoin, you should look for a secondhand Rolex dealer, also known as a “grey market dealer.” Many stores and dealers accept Bitcoin and even other types of cryptocurrencies for payment.

Can you buy Rolex with Bitcoin?

The answer is yes. The number of dealers accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is growing yearly. Just research online and shop from a company you want to buy from – online or in-store. CRMJewelers, a watch dealer accepting cryptocurrency, said they continue seeing more and more demand from customers wanting to buy luxury watches and jewelry. Sometimes, they pay with BTC or ETH, but regardless of their choice of crypto, the speed, efficiency, and low cost associated with the transactions means they will continue to accept cryptocurrency payments for many years.

With cryptocurrency’s increased popularity and widespread use in society, it’s probably safe to say that more and more companies will accept it as a means of payment. This includes everything from grocery stores to Rolex dealers. While official Rolex retailers tend to be somewhat traditional, they may need to start accepting it to accommodate their customers’ demands. Only time will tell!

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