Tudor Caliber MT5601: Precision of Tudor’s In-House Movement

Embodying the brand's heritage, Tudor Caliber MT5601 aligns with the contemporary demand for high-caliber in-house movements.

Marianna du Maurier
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The Tudor Caliber MT5601 is a testament to the watchmaking prowess that combines tradition with modern precision.

As enthusiasts in the world of horology, we appreciate the craftsmanship behind the timepieces that house this robust movement.

Specifically conceived for the Heritage Black Bay Bronze model, the MT5601 reflects Tudor’s commitment to impeccable chronometric performance and durability.

Embodying the brand’s heritage, it also aligns with the contemporary demand for high-caliber in-house movements.

Our exploration into Tudor watch movements reveals the MT5601 not only enhances the value of the Black Bay collection but also showcases the evolution of watchmaking techniques.

Models like the Pelagos and the Black Bay Dark benefit greatly from Tudor’s watchmaking expertise. They leverage advancements such as improved power reserves and resistance to environmental factors which affirm their stature within the realms of steel timekeeping and watch collecting.

Key Takeaways

  • The MT5601 movement exemplifies Tudor’s dedication to high-precision in-house watchmaking.
  • Key features include a significant power reserve and tailored design for the Black Bay Bronze model.
  • Tudor’s use of the MT5601 enhances the overall value and performance of their watch collections.

Guide to Tudor Calibre MT5601

Overview of Tudor MT5601 Characteristics

At Tudor, we proudly present the MT5601, a caliber that belongs to our self-manufactured movements. The MT5601 was specially crafted for the voluminous case of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze model, expanding its dimensions for an enhanced fit.

Introduced during Baselworld 2016, the MT5601 is also known as the heart of our Heritage Black Bay Bronze. This automatic mechanism is energized by a bidirectional rotor. It stands out with a 33.8mm diameter to accommodate the bolder case size.

The MT5601 boasts a substantial operation span up to 70 hours and meets meticulous COSC certification standards. Every timepiece with this movement assures you of outstanding performance and steadfast accuracy.

You can appreciate a schematic of Tudor Calibre MT5601 here.

Specifications Breakdown:

  • Reference: MT5601
  • Base Model: MT5612
  • Diameter: 33.8mm
  • Power Reserve: Stands at a robust 70 hours
  • Vibration Frequency: 28,800 beats per hour (4 Hz)
  • Jewels Count: 25 for friction reduction, ensuring smoother movement
  • Chronometer Certification: Each unit is a certified chronometer
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