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What is Rolex Steelinox: Quick Guide to Luxury Watch Material

Rolex engrave the Steelinox term on the clasps of its steel bracelets!

Marianna du Maurier
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Rolex Steelinox refers to the type of stainless steel used to construct certain Rolex watch bracelets. The term is a combination of the French words for steel (“acier”) and stainless (“inoxidable”).

In other words, Steelinox is simply Rolex’s unique term for stainless steel.

Inox = Inoxidable = Stainless
Steel = Acier

Rolex employs the Steelinox term on the clasps of its steel bracelets. Meanwhile, the phrase “Stainless steel” is engraved on the watch case at the 12 o’clock position. Interestingly, both the bracelets and cases are crafted from the same type of stainless steel, known as 904L Oystersteel.

Today’s inox steels contain approximately 14 to 17% chromium. This is a key ingredient responsible for increasing the steel’s resistance to corrosion and pitting. However, no steel is entirely rustproof.

Notably, Rolex has used the Steelinox term for their watches made with both 316L steel and 904L steel, as both of these alloys are varieties of stainless steel. The 904L steel, however, boasts superior anti-corrosive properties.

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