Bulova Skeleton 98A177 Review: Unveiling Timeless Elegance & Precision

Among the diverse range of timepieces, the Bulova Skeleton 98A177 stands out for its bold design and mechanical beauty.

Marianna du Maurier
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Watches have become more than just timekeeping devices; they’re a statement. They blend craftsmanship and artistry to create pieces that are as much about fashion as they are about function.

Among the diverse range of timepieces, the Bulova Skeleton 98A177 stands out for its bold design and mechanical beauty. It resonates with watch enthusiasts who appreciate the intricate workings of a timepiece laid bare, wrapped in an edgy design that is as much a conversation piece as it is a functional accessory.

The watch’s allure lies in its combination of modern aesthetics with the timeless appeal of automatic movement, making it a noteworthy addition to any collection.

For the oceanographer who battles the depths or the city-dweller with a penchant for the devil diver look, the robust construction and water resistance of this watch become essential features. It is a product category that continues to sell, speaking volumes about consumer trust and interest.

Behind every watch is a network of sales and return merchandise authorization (RMA) services ensuring that commitment to customer satisfaction remains as reliable as the timepieces themselves. Our understanding of such products is reflected in the attention to detail and the quality of service that accompanies every sale.

    Key Takeaways

    • The Bulova Skeleton 98A177 is a fashionable and functional timepiece appreciated by enthusiasts.
    • It merges sporty appeal with technical precision, making it ideal for a variety of users, including professionals like oceanographers.
    • Sales and RMA services support the customer’s investment in the watch’s craftsmanship and reliability.

    In-Depth Look: Bulova 98A177 Timepiece

    Design and Build of the 98A177 Model

    The Bulova 98A177 offers a standout design, encompassing a sporty and assertive style with its angular case and bold silhouette.

    Measuring in at 46mm in diameter and 13mm in thickness, the rich rose gold hue of the case pairs with a sporty matte black bezel. The construction includes a smooth satin-brushed finish, lending a refined touch to its robust appearance.

    The crown, uniquely placed at the 2 o’clock position, is flanked by protective guards. While featuring a push-pull mechanism, the watch ensures practical water resistance up to 100 meters, making it a suitable accessory for swimming activities, though it’s not recommended for scuba diving.

    A durable black silicone band complements the case’s design, fitted with a secure buckle. This provides both comfort and a coherent aesthetic suitable for daily wear.

    Craftsmanship of the 98A177 Dial

    The skeletonized nature of the 98A177’s dial is a true statement of craftsmanship. It showcases the inner workings of the timepiece, juxtaposed against sleek rose gold-toned hour markers and hands, each treated with luminescent coating for visibility in low light.

    The layers of detail become apparent upon closer inspection—from the patterned perimeter to the tiered chapter ring and the refined textured plates—each element is a testament to Bulova’s dedication to creating visually intricate timepieces at an accessible price point.

    The Heart of the 98A177: Movement

    The 8N26 caliber drives the internal mechanics. It is a skeleton automatic movement boasting a 40-hour power reserve and operable with 21 jewels.

    Visible both through the transparent dial and the see-through case back, this movement may not be ornately decorated, but its unembellished appearance is well-suited to the watch’s ethos. It provides a raw, unfiltered glance into the intricacies of its operation, much to the delight of horology enthusiasts.

    Specifications Snapshot

    Specifications for the 98A177 are as follows:

    • Case Diameter: 46mm
    • Case Thickness: 13mm
    • Water Resistance: 100 meters
    • Strap: Silicone with a buckle
    • Crown: Push-pull
    • Case Back: Transparent
    • Jewels in Movement: 21
    • Movement Type: 8N26 caliber
    • Watch Crystal: Sapphire

    Summarizing the 98A177 Timepiece

    The 98A177 from Bulova makes a compelling case for a timepiece that balances bold aesthetics with functional sportiness. It encapsulates the brand’s reputation for producing high-quality watches.

    The bold personality of this model doesn’t shy away from making a statement and provides a refreshing departure from conventional designs. It’s encased in a body that represents durability, combined with a dependable movement and sapphire crystal. This delivers on a promise of quality without forgoing the essence of elegance that is demonstrably Bulova.

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