Tudor Pelagos 25600: Ultimate Dive Watch Review

The Pelagos is a testament to the brand's commitment to reliability, showcased through its use of in-house movements and distinctive design choices.

Marianna du Maurier
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While steeped in tradition, the watch industry continually evolves with new advancements and designs that push the boundaries of timekeeping. Among the standout creations in this domain is the Tudor Pelagos, a watch that epitomizes the blend of heritage and innovation.

As a significant player in the horological sphere, Tudor has made a mark with its Pelagos line, renowned for its robust construction and oceanic prowess. The Pelagos is a testament to the brand’s commitment to reliability, showcased through its in-house movements and distinctive design choices.

Constructed with the precision and durability demands of divers, the Tudor Pelagos is a functional tool and a modern interpretation of classic dive watches.

Although often compared to iconic predecessors like the Rolex Sea-Dweller and the Rolex Submariner, the Pelagos stands on its own with unique features, such as the helium escape valve, effectively carving a niche in a competitive market.

The Pelagos represents Tudor’s ethos, amalgamating historical elements with the exacting standards of contemporary watchmaking.

Key Takeaways

  • The Tudor Pelagos is a modern, innovative dive watch that builds upon a rich horological tradition.
  • It is known for its robust capabilities, including a helium escape valve that sets it apart in the market.
  • As a brand, Tudor continues to distinguish itself through unique designs and the use of advanced in-house movements.

Guide to the Updated Tudor Pelagos Series

The Latest Iteration of Tudor Pelagos

We have witnessed significant developments in Tudor’s watch lineup, especially within their diver’s watch collection. Since 2012, the Pelagos series has distinguished itself as a robust dive watch designed for serious underwater expeditions, boasting a resilient 500-meter water resistance capability.

This model transcends being merely a nod to Tudor’s historical designs, and instead forges a contemporary take on the diver’s watch, with only hints of the brand’s prestigious legacy.

Tudor’s commitment to innovation was once again on full display in 2015, following the three-year success of its Pelagos range.

Tudor strategically moved to enhance the Pelagos line, releasing two new variants: the 25600TN and the 25600TB. This expansion introduced a black model and a blue version to the collection, broadening the choices for enthusiasts.

Key Features of the 25600TN & 25600TB:

  • Water Resistance: Rated for depths of up to 500 meters.
  • Color Options: Available in both classic black and striking blue hues.
  • Upgrades: Enhanced with significant updates since its original release in 2012.

The introduction of these references brought the Pelagos range from a singular model to a diverse duo of precision-engineered timepieces.

Tudor’s initiative to periodically update the Pelagos is a testament to their progressive vision and dedication to quality in horology.

Our exploration of the Tudor Pelagos, specifically the in-house version marked by the reference 25600, reveals a brand that continues to push the boundaries of design and functionality in the world of luxury diving watches.

Tudor Pelagos Color Variants: Azure and Onyx

The Heart of Pelagos: Caliber MT5612

When Tudor upgraded its tool watch with the self-winding MT5612, it was a bold step denoting self-sufficiency and technical prowess.

This automatic movement boasts a 70-hour power reserve, made possible by a bi-directional rotor system. Its silicon hairspring and COSC certification underscore its accuracy and reliability.

Found in both the azure and onyx models, this manufacture movement is a testament to Tudor’s commitment to top-tier watchmaking.

Robust and Lightweight: Titanium Construction

Our use of Grade 2 titanium for the Pelagos’ case and bracelet highlights both functional and aesthetic sensibilities.

We chose titanium for its remarkable resilience. The metal is lighter than steel yet uncompromisingly strong, making it an ideal companion for underwater adventures.

We’ve meticulously applied a satin finish to the 42-mm titanium case, ensuring it not only performs exceptionally but looks the part, too.

Iconic Design: Tudor’s “Snowflake” Hands

The distinctive “Snowflake” hands are a signature feature, dating back to Tudor’s 1969 dive watches.

Our choice in maintaining this historical design element improves legibility under all conditions. With a unique square tip on the hour hand, the differential sizing provides an effortless read at a glance.

Ultimate Adaptability: Pelagos Clasp and Bracelet

Our titanium bracelet shines as a marvel of dive watch engineering.

Equipped with a patented auto-adjustable spring mechanism within the robust folding clasp, it grants adaptability to the changing pressures of the depths.

We’re not just offering a bracelet; we’re ensuring seamless on-the-go length adjustment for unparalleled comfort—whether over a wet suit sleeve or directly on the wrist.

The ingenious addition of three micro-positions and a folding dive extension marked with a subtle “push” detail rounds out the functional sophistication of the Pelagos bracelet.

Functionality of the Helium Release Mechanism

Visibility in the Deep

As avid divers, we understand the importance of clear visibility underwater.

Our watch is designed with distinct square markers that glow persistently, ensuring the time is visible even in the darkest depths. The contrasting white markers on both the black and blue models offer exceptional clarity against the watch face.

Bezel Utility

The design of the bezel is thoughtful, incorporating a coin edge for easy operation, even with gloves on.

Its titanium construction and ceramic disc highlight its durability. Notably, luminous material is applied not only on the 12 o’clock marker but across the bezel, enhancing its utility in low-light conditions.

Aesthetic and Function of the Dial

The dial of the Pelagos, available in matte blue or black, catches the eye with its rich texture.

A notable difference in the newer models is the increased number of printed text lines, which has become a topic of discussion among enthusiasts. The date display is neatly integrated, and the opportunity for a personal engraving is provided on the back casing around the caliber indication.

Evaluating the Heritage and Innovation

Deciding between the original and the more recent models of our diver’s watch depends largely on personal preference.

For enthusiasts of the blue variant, the choice is clear, but for those favoring the black, deliberation between aesthetic and mechanical updates is key.

The additional text may be contentious, but the in-house movement garners appreciation from those with an eye for mechanical craftsmanship.

Helium Escape Valve’s Role

Our Pelagos line can withstand pressure up to 500 meters deep. It incorporates a helium escape valve as a safeguard during saturation diving.

Helium is the smallest gas particle. It can permeate a watch over time. Our helium escape valve is a dedicated feature to protect the integrity of the watch. It discharges any trapped helium to guard against potential damage from pressure imbalances.

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